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Tomorrowland NAOZ – The digital venue

Tomorrowland NAOZ – The digital venue is the new Tomorrowland event to celebrate New Year’s eve all together in a virtual way. All the details are available on their website. After successfully organizing a great virtual festival this summer, Tomorrowland is doing it again at the end of the year. […]

Some news about Tomorrowland

As you know, still 11 months to wait for the next Tomorrowland… so here are some news about it After movie As you probably already saw, the official after movie was released a few weeks ago already. If you missed the Tomorrowland around the world festival, have a look at […]

Tickets on Viagogo

Many of you are asking questions about tickets on Viagogo. Don’t hesitate to ask more here and I’ll try to answer based on what I know/saw. It seems that there are 2 types of tickets available on Viagogo. Electronic tickets to exchange at the will call desk at Tomorrowland. The […]

Tomorrowland 2019 – Top 20

You are all impatient to get the results of the Top 20. Tomorrowland said that they will send the mails before the global journey sale. If it is like last year, you need a bit more patience because they literally sent the mail the day of the global journey sale.