Road to Tomorrowland All you want to know about Tomorrowland 2021
All you want to know about Tomorrowland 2021

Will Tomorrowland 2020 be cancelled?

We don’t know yet, but the chances are high due to the current situation in Belgium and in the world. There are currently almost 4000 dead due to COVID 19 in Belgium, and more than 30 000 confirmed cases of infected people. I don’t see how this could be fixed by July, and even if it’s the case in Belgium, it is impossible that the border will be open to let people from all over the world come for the festival 🙁

The national gourvement will have their next crisis meeting on Wednesday, and they said they will give an update of the situation of the big events and festivals schedule for this summer. So we might already know if it is cancel as from wednesday evening. But for your information, some ministers in Belgium already said they don’t see the festivals happening this summer, and the mayor of Boom also said that if it was up to him, he won’t organise Tomorrowland this year.

So I will keep you posted on Wednesday as soon as there is an official news from belgian gouvernment !!