Tomorrowland 2021 Belgium

Tomorrowland Belgium 2021 is happening

Official communication from Tomorrowland on tomorrowmand Belgium 2021 People of Tomorrow,We are delighted and grateful to hear that the Belgian Government has given a realistic perspective for large festivals in Belgium towards the end of the summer. This perspective is not only hopeful for Tomorrowland as an organization, but also […]

Tomorrowland Around the world

Tomorrowland around the world 2021

After the success of last year edition virtual edition, Tomorrowland announced a Tomorrowland around the world 2021 edition. On July 16 & 17 the magical Island Pāpiliōnem will welcome back the People of Tomorrow to the second edition of Tomorrowland – Around the World. A digital festival with the world’s […]

Tomorrowland 2021 – New dates

Tomorrowland announced new dates for the Tomorrowland 2021 edition!!!!!!!! For 2021 only, Tomorrowland will be moved to : Weekend 1: August 27, 28 and 29Weekend 2: September 3, 4 and 5 We want to stay positive and hopeful towards an unforgettable end of summer of 2021, but realize that there […]

Tomorrowland NAOZ – The digital venue

Tomorrowland NAOZ – The digital venue is the new Tomorrowland event to celebrate New Year’s eve all together in a virtual way. All the details are available on their website. After successfully organizing a great virtual festival this summer, Tomorrowland is doing it again at the end of the year. […]

Tomorrowland 2021 Exchange Desk

As you have maybe already noticed, the exchange desk of Tomorrowland opened a few days ago. If you cannot or don’t want to attend the festival anymore, you can list your tickets in the Exchange desk. As soon as it is sold to someone who registerded to the waiting list, […]

Some news about Tomorrowland

As you know, still 11 months to wait for the next Tomorrowland… so here are some news about it After movie As you probably already saw, the official after movie was released a few weeks ago already. If you missed the Tomorrowland around the world festival, have a look at […]

Virtual Mainstage 2020

Tomorrowland 2020 around the world – Are you ready?

Hello people ! Are you ready to finally discover your new home for the weekend: Pāpiliōnem ? Tomorrowland 2020 around the world is starting in less than 24 hours, so don’t forget to get your tickets if it is not done yet !! You can find all the important information […]

Rumors: a third Tomorrowland weekend in 2021?

Today the spokeswoman of Tomorrowland, Debby Wilmsen, said that they are considering organising a third Tomorrowland weekend in 2021. But nothing is decided yet. There are still so many uncertainties due to the current situation. So far they only focus on the digital Tomorrowland 2020 as it is challenging to […]

Durbuy & DreamVille present: Green Fields

Durbuy & DreamVille present: Green Fields

As you know, Tomorrowland 2020 has been cancelled. So if you still want to come to Belgium (or are from here of course), and want to feel the Tomorrowland spirit, and especially the vibes of its Dreamville camping, Durbuy & DreamVille present: Green Fields is something for you. An exciting […]

Around the world

Tomorrowland 2020 Around the World – The digital festival

On Thursday 4th of June, Tomorrowland announced the organisation of a digital online festival for this year. You will find a summary of what you need to know about Tomorrowland 2020 Around the World – The digital festival that will be on JULY 25 & 26, 2020 In these uncommon […]

Tomorrowland mysterious countdown

Since a few days, the Tomorrowland website display a countdown, not telling us what it is about. The end of this countdown is on Thursday 4th of June, at 15h00 (CEST). What is your guess about what will be announced?

Tomorrowland 2021 dates

What to do with my Tomorrowland 2020 tickets?

If you bought tickets for Tomorrowland 2020, the good news is that they can be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021. So no more stress to be one of the lucky one to get tickets, you have them already 🙂 You can find all the information about that on the tomorrowland website. […]

Tomorrowland 2021: new PDF tickets sent by Paylogic

If you bought tickets for Tomorrowland 2020, your tickets are still valid for 2021. They are automatically transfered to next year, you have nothing to do. Paylogic sent a mail yesterday with a link to download your new Tomorrowland 2021 tickets. Now you just have to wait 14 more months […]

Breaking news: Tomorrowland 2020 cancelled

The belgian prime minister just said on TV that all the big events such as the festivals will be cancelled in Belgium til the 31th of August. Now lets see if Tomorrowland is cancelled, or if they will try to organise it in September. After September is not really an […]

Will Tomorrowland 2020 be cancelled?

We don’t know yet, but the chances are high due to the current situation in Belgium and in the world. There are currently almost 4000 dead due to COVID 19 in Belgium, and more than 30 000 confirmed cases of infected people. I don’t see how this could be fixed […]

Tomorrowland 2020 – Top 20 – Sale

The First 20 Sale will start on Thursday January 9th 2020, 17:00 CET. For the first time, you will also have the opportunity to buy Global Journey Packages. Go to your Tomorrowland Account on the day of the sale where a button to the Ticket shop and the Global Journey […]